A Comparison Between Steemit and ADZbuzz

Both Steemit and ADZbuzz are the platforms of social media in beta; they pay the users in the form of some cryptocurrency. However, they are considered to have quite different concepts and the methods for earning. The differences between the two can be found out by reading this article written on the topic of Steemit vs ADZbuzz.
Recently, it has been recorded that Steemit is rising up and progressing because of a number of reasons. It also has a similarity with Reddit, one of the well-known non-paying platforms. But at the same time, the users are able to earn steem through posting, blogging, etc. in case if the content of the users is supposed to be up-voted by different other users.
Although ADZbuzz has still lesser worth that Steemit, however it has a great potential for reaching the point where steem stands presently; and in fact beyond that point since its concepts are very attractive. This ADZbuzz has a similarity with Facebook (does not need any introduction), but the users are able to earn when they log in and in some other ways as well.
There are lots of people who join these two platforms ADZbuzz and Steemit to earn money, and this is their foremost motive.



While taking under consideration Steemit Vs ADZbuzz, let’s talk about steemit individually. You would think about what you are supposed to learn after the time of starting posting some of the posts, spending both your time and effort in that and doing other stuff; and then just earning a few amount of money. Around you, there would be seen lots of people who spend a lot of time and make efforts but still do not earn a handsome amount of money. So eventually the concept arises that if you want to earn more money by posting stuff, there is a need for up-voted which comes from “whales” (it is a term that in used by the people on the platform). Basically, these people are the users who would probably be the adopters in some earlier stage and might have accumulated a great power of the Steemit voting, etc.



As it has already been mentioned earlier that, there is a great potential for ADZbuzz ahead. It can clearly be seen that how the value of Steemit has been raised in a small time and the demand for it is increasing more and more among different people. So ADZbuzz is presently with the coin selling of ADZ for around 1 to 2 cents. Every person who is on it is supposed to be one of the early adapters who will actually make a great amount of money in case the platform seems to be going viral, there comes an increment on the demand, the price or value of ADZ increases and those people get thousand percent of profit who joined ADZ in the initial stages.
There are lots of other such types of correlated things between Steemit and ADZbuzz.

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