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Azuki Plans Community Vote to Revamp Elemental Backgrounds

Azuki Plans Community Vote to Revamp Elemental Backgrounds


Following criticism that the art of the Elementals was too similar to the original Azuki collection, Azuki has responded by announcing a plan to host a community vote to introduce variety in the backgrounds of the NFTs. This announcement was made on the project’s Discord stage on June 29 at 6 p.m. ET, drawing a substantial audience with over 1,500 listeners present.

The types of background changes will tentatively include changes in background texture, environments, the exclusion of neutral backgrounds, line-based designs, and graphics with gradient effects.

Mixed reactions

This announcement has elicited a mixed response from the community, with some members expressing optimism that it will instigate significant change while others remain skeptical.

I fucking hate the background changing @Azuki I don’t care if my OG look like an elemental for the own not holding one.For us elementals and OG are very different…I don’t need a mili second to see the difference.Just let it like that…#NFTs are token first we can see who… pic.twitter.com/DvcvZlyh5V— Monstero 🧬⛩️ (@Monstrecrypto) June 30, 2023

I don’t support a new BG for the Elementals. To me it feels like a very fragile mentality. As an OG holder the value is derived not just from the art. It comes from the sense of community, provenance on the blockchain, being a leader in any sub communities, having a more…— Pretzel ⛩️ (@Real_Pretzl) June 30, 2023

The exact date for the community vote and the details regarding whether it will involve all holders of Azuki, Elementals, and Beanz have yet to be disclosed. In the meantime, holders are on the edge of their seats, keenly aware that each new announcement or decision could potentially instigate a substantial shift in the floor price.

Azuki Plans Community Vote

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