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🚨 PulseChain Launching Literally Any Minute! Watch Before The Most Hyped Event In Crypto History


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  1. I am trying to send my plsx to a brand new MetaMask wallet. It’s costing thousands pls in gas fee. I only have 1 pls. I thought the whole point was low gas fees on pulsechain network? What can l do? How can l move them asap? Thanks for any help in advance

  2. @crypto coffee – so pulse launched in first night after richard twittered "within 6 days". bought as soon as I came home from work in another country druing the day after his tweet.
    snapshot happened while I was holding fking usdc, bought asap and bought the top. I must be the unluckiest hexican out there – because I only got WORTHLESS USDC FORK and bought the hex top before dump. to me its clear that this fake pump and 80% dump was an inside job.
    what the hell I should do now with my pulse-usdc ?!?!?! tell me please

  3. brother followed you for over a year now great videos. How to get PLS for Gas fees? I thought they were going to be .0006 but its 200 pls cant do anything i am a wee bit screwed

  4. Yo brother, I just want to say thank you for all the great contents that you have created bout PulseChain ecosystem. Because of you I have learned a lot watching your videos. I am truly grateful for everything you have done for the community. Keep it up brother, God bless you, have a great day.

  5. I have hex staked for 15 years but just can’t work out if I get any free coins, nothing comes up in my assets on metamask in pulse chain I think I have linked . Finding it really confusing. Maybe you don’t get any free coins if hex are staked ?

  6. Hi guys. I know it’s the cloggening but I try to claim on the bridge I’m getting “Wrong network. Please connect your wallet to Ethereum” is this down to me or just the bridge? Any info would be appreciated thanks.